Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Invitation to be part of the Collective Diary Project on 11/11/11

11/11/11, a day to keep track of!

Dear friends,  

I’d like to invite you to participate in an online literary collaboration: “11/11/11: A Diary Project.” 

This "Text Mosaic" will illustrate the different ways dozens of people of all ages experience a single day in November. Selected entries will appear as a continuous anonymous list, published on my blog, with contributors’ names noted at the end.

Feel free to share this invitation with others, of all ages.

You’ll find submission guidelines below. Please follow them carefully to ensure that your contribution will be considered. I may not be able to include work by everyone who sends me something but I will try my best. 

I’m looking forward to reading about your “11/11/11” day!

Irene (Zee) Zahava


“11/11/11:  A Diary Project”

1. On Friday, November 11, keep a record of what you do, say, hear, observe, eat, think about, dream about, read, ETC.

2. Type your entry as a VERTICAL list in chronological order, but don't include specific references to times. You might write entries that take you through the entire day, or just focus on one small part. You can submit one sentence only, or a whole lot more. 

The important thing is that each sentence must be able to stand on its own, without anything coming before or after it to give it context. Your sentences will be "deconstructed" to fit in with dozens of others. Please note: I may edit, condense, combine, etc.

I am most interested in reading about the things you do that are unique to you.

3. Send your entry to:

Paste your text directly into the email; no attachments.

DEADLINE: Saturday, November 12, 5 p.m. I’ve intentionally imposed a very short time-frame. The sooner you send me your entry, the fresher it will be, and the less chance there is that you’ll forget to do it.

4. Be sure to include your name exactly as you would like it to appear at the end, on the contributors’ list. Names don’t always correspond to e-mail addresses, so this is important. 

I hope to have the collective diary published on my blog some time during the week of November 13.

Be sure to check in: