Thursday, October 9, 2014

small poems: late summer / early autumn

great blue heron early this morning our shadows cross

striking the brass bell
so many yesterdays 
begin this way

my reflection
in your eyes
before you blink

heart inside heart inside heart inside heart chalked sidewalk

everyone is talking about the moon
but tonight the moon is
talking to me

walking to the waterfall
and back
an hour without worry

heavy rain  you disappear  behind weeping willows

you hold my hand more tightly
I like it

each time we pass them
we call out
sunflowers sunflowers sunflowers

a volume of Issa's poems
open before me 
still my mind wanders

my sweetheart is flying west
I walk north and stop
to smell the roses

hibiscus tea
a long slow rain 
you wake up far from home

yesterday I couldn't find the teapot
but now
here it is

my sweetheart
two time zones away
is it too early to miss her?

let us begin again
you and I — dear moon 
the start of a new year

going for a walk later today maybe we will cross paths

green green green everywhere green
except over there . . .
a patch of red leaves

my new red beret 
some days i just want
to be a cardinal

here you are    beloved moon     now all is well