editing/consulting: 1-to1 with Zee

My writing studio is expanding to encompass a new service: "1-to-1 with Zee."

Now, in addition to offering weekly writing circles, I will also offer individual hour-long sessions in which we can explore ANY aspect of your writing.

A few examples:

I can provide specific editing suggestions on a piece (or pieces) that you have already written; help you with a longer manuscript; assist in tackling a long-time writing project you've been dreaming about, and ease the way to making it a reality; serve as your motivating coach for meeting goals or deadlines.

These are just some ideas. The possibilities are endless!

The time we spend together, meeting 1-to-1 in my studio, will be based entirely on what is most useful for you. 

We could meet one time only, semi-regularly, or on a more frequent ongoing basis.

If this concept appeals to you I would love to work with you! 

The fee will vary, depending on the kind of work we do together. 
To schedule a session simply send me an e-mail or call: 

zee@twcny.rr.com; 607-273-4675. 
Then I will be in touch to set up the first "1-to-1 with Zee" hour.