Friday, June 19, 2015

small poems since March, 2015

4 a.m.    your footsteps overhead    reassure me

this old seashell
held to my ear —
only silence

aging —
my feet
show the first signs

you are a star
waiting for me —
a happy dream

sidewalk cafe 
imagining myself any place
and also right here

after walking a muddy mile — a cup of ginger tea

holding a summer star in its center — shallow puddle

strike the bell — end of a long dream

dark grey rain — sunrise — pale pink rain

leaky pen — I can't think — I can't write

a hard rain — peonies fall all over themselves

daddies and daughters
waiting for the school bus
whispers and giggles

almost morning
the moon still hazy with doubt —
stay or go?

tree rising up
to greet the mountain —
no gesture is too small

knee-deep in nameless purple petals

after winter, before spring
feet on a muddy road
this is everything

is that a sea shell or a skull
in my neighbor's yard

thinking about the loose tile
on my roof

across the ocean
my friend celebrates her birthday —
morning walk        the dogs wag their tails

morning walk
trying to keep up 
with my shadow

the sign says LOOK UP! —
a vase of sunflowers 
in my neighbor's window

friends again
how good it is
to live this long

rain falling on a tin roof
— ping! —
oh the loneliness