Thursday, November 3, 2011

From the Private and Personal Diary of Lotus Louise Klapper

Entry #4
National Anthem Day

My mother (from now on to be referred to as Mrs. Klapper) is having a hard time adjusting to our new roles. I told her I am no longer her daughter but her Sovereign Queen, to which Mrs. Klapper responded with a word that would have gotten her thrown into the dungeon if I weren’t such an Enlightened Monarch. 

I explained that the transition might be tough on her at first, seeing as how she’s not used to being a subject, but now that I am Queen of All there will have to be some changes made around here. Mrs. Klapper told me to go to my room. I told her that I would go to “my chamber” to give her time to cool off. 

I trust she’s using her time well but I don’t have a lot of hope for her. I can hear her throwing things around in the kitchen this very minute and that’s not a good sign. 

I probably shouldn’t try to get her to learn the National Anthem of Lotus. Since I haven’t finished writing it yet, that’s not really a problem. 

What is a problem is that I have got to make Mrs. Klapper stop calling me WeezieSqueezie. If a Queen doesn’t get respect in her own castle than what’s the use of being a Queen?

To be continued . . .