Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cherry Coke

Walk out of the apartment building and turn left, the opposite direction from the zoo, and pretty soon you will come to a luncheonette on the corner right across the street from P. S. 6 where you are a student in the 4th grade, but not today. Today is Saturday. You are not a student on Saturday. 

Go right up to the counter and climb up on a silver metal stool, pick one where the leather seat isn't all cracked. Make the stool spin around. Don't be scared, just do it, you'll like it. You might have to give yourself a little push, not like on a swing, it's a different kind of push, you'll figure it out.

Someone might tell you to stop, they might say you are making them dizzy, but you don't have to listen to them. Not unless they tell you three times. Or if you know them, like if they live in your building and there's a chance they will tattle on you. Grown ups are the worst tattle tales and nobody ever tells them to stop it.

When you finish spinning the man who makes the sandwiches will come over and ask what you want. He won't be friendly about it. Who cares? 

Tell him you want a cherry coke with two squirts. It's a good idea to say "please."

Watch him carefully. First he'll press on a little hose and that will make the coca cola go in the glass. Then he'll squirt in the cherry stuff. If he forgot that you said "two squirts please" and he only puts in one squirt then don't be shy, speak up, use your best outdoor voice and say it again "two squirts please."

When you finish drinking your cherry coke (with a straw) don't forget to leave a quarter on the counter. If you forget the man might come running after you as if you are thief and not just a girl who sometimes forgets things.

Don't cry.