Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bad Advice

Last year I had the great pleasure of taking an art class at my friend Stiller Zusman's studio, Abovoagogo. The class was for young artists, ages 5 - 7 I think. I was in awe of them and also a bit intimidated by their free ways! When I came home I wrote this little piece with colored pens, a different color for each bit of bad advice. In the process I embraced my younger self. The list makes me laugh! I hope it makes you laugh too.

color outside the lines

interrupt people when they are talking

eat with your hands, especially gooey food, then lick your fingers


eat ice cream for breakfast

never wash behind your ears (or any other place where you don't feel like washing)

be a slob, the slobbier the better

think bad thoughts

don't floss

drink milk right out of the container, orange juice too


if you bump into someone don't apologize

let the door slam

don't do your homework but say you didn't have any

when your knee socks slip down to your ankles just leave them there

pretend to have a stomach ache so you can stay home from school on a day when you really really really do not want to go

don't comb your hair for a week

lie some more

spit the brussels sprouts into your napkin and then very secretly throw the napkin in the garbage

pretend you loved the taste of those brussels sprouts so people will think you are sophisticated and also mature