Tuesday, June 18, 2013


you surprised me this morning
and not in a good way
coming out of the cool shadows 
like you did

was I crossing your path 
or were you crossing mine?

I couldn't decide if I should
step over you
or walk around you

and if I walked around you
should I go left or right?

isn't there something about
good luck / bad luck?

isn't there always 
something about something?

I hate to admit it but
I am superstitious

my Grandma Sarah
(father's mother)
was known as the most superstitious woman
in the Bronx

this might not have been true

but I heard someone say it
when I shouldn't have been listening
from the other side of the door

and of course it wasn't meant as a compliment

it wasn't said in a 
"let's pin a medal to the front of
Mama's housecoat"
kind of way

it was said by one of the aunts
"we are all modern women here,
aren't we?"

and then another aunt spit
three times

because let's be honest
why would someone choose to take
unnecessary chances?

did you think it odd
when I stepped over you
then circled around
first left
then right?

are you still thinking about it?

I'm still thinking about you