Friday, June 14, 2013

How I Would Paint the Impossible Becoming Possible

How is it possible
with our girlfriends in the next room
talking about their dissertations
their committees
their students
the prospect of tenure down the line

How is it possible
that you and I
in that hot little kitchen
a chicken roasting in the oven
you making a salad
me cutting the tips off fresh green beans

How is it possible
the two of us
lean into each other
you pop a small tomato into my mouth
I put down the knife and reach for you

And all the while
we can still hear their voices
low and bossy
one makes a pronouncement
the other disputes it

How is it possible
we are careless, care-free
brazen hussies
tossing caution out the kitchen window

This is how 
I would paint
the moment before
our first kiss

This poem was inspired by "Imaginary Paintings," by Lisel Mueller