Wednesday, December 19, 2012

small poems about rain

catching spring rain
in my cupped hands —
no reflection in this shallow pond

rain puddle
tipping over
into my own reflection

chalked on the sidewalk
washed away

pouring tea
into my favorite cup —
rain fills a river

rainy morning
don't look at me like that
dear frog

early morning rain
the turtle stays in his shell
so do I

water lilies
a deeper pink
after the rain

crossing the bridge
I didn't recognize you
under your new umbrella

under my umbrella
I choose not to say hello

dreaming about the umbrella
that would not open —
heavy rains last night

sudden rainstorm
holding a red balloon
over my head

in this dark blue bowl
the sweetest plums

shaking rain from her hair
the farmer waters her spinach

downpour —
a basket of cucumbers
unable to run for shelter

laughing so hard
we miss
the thunder

maybe if I stayed in bed
I too would love
this rainy day

just when I give in to it
the rain

purple rain
the iris field
at dawn