Friday, December 28, 2012

Don't Forget to Add Bubbles

I published this "Wish for the New Year" on my blog last year at the end of December, but I wanted to share it again now. The wish remains the same.

You have nothing to worry about, you are doing everything right, you will live a long and healthy life surrounded by those you love who will also be healthy and everyone will be happy and the earth will thrive and hunger and despair will be erased from the planet and the sun will shine but not so brightly that anyone’s skin will be hurt and the animals will be left to flourish in just the right numbers for their joy and survival and the trees will be free of blight and will sway serenely in the gentle breezes and winters will be mild and so will summers and heads of governments will sit around in a circle and tell jokes and eat knishes and dumplings and promise to respect and cherish the people of their own countries as well as all other countries and children will grow up secure and delighted in themselves and when offered a fortune cookie they will break it open and pop both halves into their mouths and enjoy the sweetness and the crunchiness and then they’ll laugh at the messages they have received like “Hello, Sweet Pumpkin,” and “Give Your Friend a Big Hug,” and “Have Fun in the Tub Tonight...Don’t Forget to Add Bubbles.”