Sunday, July 1, 2012

small poems, june 2012

step carefully
around each seashell —
let the gulls laugh at you

why do you follow me?
I am lost

at the open door
of the neighborhood bakery 
pausing — just to sniff

old friend
come sit beside me
let us sing with the birds

morning fog —
crossing this bridge
will I get to the other side?

crossing the bridge
I didn't recognize you
under your new umbrella

under my umbrella —
I choose not to say hello

rainy morning 
don't look at me like that
dear frog

water lilies
a deeper pink
after the rain

rainy day
slowly the sky 
drips into the sea 

the sweetest 
plums —

rainy garden
it would be so easy
to disappear here

sudden downpour
a basket of cucumbers
can't run for shelter

shaking rain from her hair
the farmer waters her spinach

early morning rain
the turtle remains in its shell
so do I

swooping down
into a pile of fallen rose petals
the girl sneezes

waking from a dream
I cry out for my sister —
the crow also cries

first day of kindergarten 
the girl tells her mother
not to worry
(inspired by Christina Malman's cover art for The New Yorker magazine, September 14, 1946)

bride's bouquet
2 butterflies also
walk down the aisle
(inspired by Ilonka Karasz's cover art for The New Yorker magazine, April 26, 1927)

under Daddy's fedora
my little sister
can't stop laughing

Daddy's fedora and cigar —
her own pink tutu —
my little sister

her wild laugh
we are girls again
jumping waves at Jones Beach

all the way to 
Lake Minnehaha
the car shakes with our laughter

the fortune teller turns her gaze
from my outstretched palm

lost in a daydream
until I see them —
poppies at sunset

you would never suspect them
but daisies
are the worst gossips

in a moment
stolen from the garden
all the peonies

even here
atop the ferris wheel

under the night sky          blackberries

saying goodbye one more time
Grandmother visits me
in a dream