Sunday, June 1, 2014

small poems: written since May 10, 2014

sunning itself —
an independent snail
on my neighbor's fence

walking into the sunrise —
today smells different —
do I?

across the creek
a woman croaks like a frog —
does not return my wave

slowly over the ridges —
my aging hand

I am not a mother
& it's too early to call mine . . .

church bells
as though for the first time
every Sunday morning

open windows
the world is
too loud for me

painted across the bridge
"Be Here Now"
I am

only the scent remains . . . 
magnolia tree

a pair of cardinals in red
everyone else
is wearing black

black horse gallops toward me
— nearsightedness —
hello jogging girl

this week
I became
my mother

if I still had it
I'd wear it — red blouse for you 
my cardinal friend

decades pass —
moving my bed across the room —
new dreams

summer plans:
be patient
grow a braid

ant — caught in the folds
of an origami star —
you free yourself

hibiscus tea

wooden buttons
on my least favorite shirt —
a waste

butterfly — wait! — take me with you

early morning walk
I sing to the robins
they sing to me

my mother's lipstick —
I seek
the exact same shade

what is the sound of purple?
dear sister, it is your
deepest laughter

mandala moon
let us dance together
circles within circles

at the front door
a strand of blue paper butterflies —
hello // good-bye

this morning
a different path with
unfamiliar smells —
garden exotica . . .
thank you new neighbor

young man
cradling a Buddha statue —
such gentle smiles

even in shadow
my dangly earrings
jingle jangle

following a small butterfly
up the hill and down again —
until we lose sight of one another

repaired sidewalk
I remember my fall
years ago

lost in my thoughts
peonies pull me back to

mourning doves
coo my name —
zeeee zeeeee zeeeeeee

my purple Crocs
easy to pretend 
I'm wearing irises on my feet

yellow police tape
between us —
a scattering of dandelions

I  R  I  S
good morning 
darling purpleness 

discovery —
my inner marigold
still blooms

across the canal
Maggie's spirit
in the garden

walking behind 
the black cat