Thursday, December 5, 2013

small poems, Thursday morning, December 5, 2013

This morning in the Writing Circle our inspiration came from a calendar that showcases some of the art and artifacts from the vast collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These small poems popped up in response to 10 images.

my old friend
looks more and more
like her old dog

inspiration: Egyptian Papyrus, c.1050 B.C.

after dinner
my mother twists chopsticks
into her long grey hair

inspiration: "The Oiran Yoso-oi Seated at Her Toilet," by Kitagawa Utamaro

filthy creekside
how delicately he steps —
the heron we call Rupert

inspiration: "Black Stork in a Landscape," 1780, Indian watercolor

four of us at the lake —
nude, aging
blessedly nearsighted

inspiration: "Bathers," by Paul Cezanne

when we sketched each other
I was less talented
but kinder

inspiration: "Young Woman Drawing," by Marie-Denise Villers

crow on the roof
his caw interrupted —
Friday drumming circle

inspiration: a Chinese watercolor of a musician playing a drum, late 18th century

young frog
on a lily pad —
until a hard rain knocks him off

inspiration: "Water Lilies," by Claude Monet

this orange
you just peeled for me

inspiration: "Lizzie at the Table," by Fairfield Porter

shoved behind the dullest knives
a doily 
you no longer treasure

inspiration: "Victorian Interior II," by Horace Pippin

your diary
left in the dorm bathroom so long ago
I'm sorry —
I read it

inspiration: "Portrait of a Woman," by Egon Schiele