Friday, April 19, 2013

small poems since early March

a long train ride
dear moon
you are good company on this journey

Stay-at-Home Moon
put your feet up
have another cup of cocoa —
you and I drifting through winter
going nowhere

even in my dream
a suitcase too heavy
to lug around

in search of a poem
I bump into two friends, instead —
well-wrapped against the cold

this winter-sleet street
I don't want to stop hugging you
your perfume: Beach

rooftop crows
watching me shovel snow
they seem so smug

shabby old raincoat
3 shades of faded black
I can't get rid of you

Wiser-Than-I-Am Moon
please don't give up on me
I'm still evolving

Origami Moon
folding yourself
into me

you whispered sweet nothings in my ear —
or was that the rain?

early in the morning
he pours a tall glass of
ginger ale over ice —
that sharp spicy odor
lingers in the kitchen
as the soda bubbles pop
and my father slowly evaporates

the car
is driving away
I don't wave
I am glad to see
it go

A special thank you to Ileen Kaplan for her paintings of cars, which bring up many associations for me