Wednesday, August 1, 2012

small poems, july 2012

back when we were close
shelling peas
on your summer porch
(inspired by "Gesture," a painting by Lynne Taetzsch)

peacocks in the field
behind your house 
all gone 
(inspired by "Juno," a painting by Lynne Taetzsche)

yellow boomerang
under the monkey bars —
playgrounds get lonely at night
(inspired by "Ice Toys Two," a painting by Lynne Taetzsche)

rowing a boat
across the Lake of Memory
my sister and I

fireflies don’t compete
with fireworks—
they are their own show

in the dream
a fish (wearing a tiara)
swims into my cupped hands

a frightening dream
thank you for waking me
dear cricket

wind chimes
still at last 

lazy fan
shuts itself off

summer night 
even the pillow
is too hot to touch

summer night
dream visitors 
tears on my pillow

summer night
refrigerator motor
loud as locusts

summer night 

under the boardwalk
pink transistor radio:
ooooh baby baby baby

a stranger's sigh
floats downriver —
enters our canoe

in the tall grasses
my lion friend and I
breathing the same breath

still life:
one summer squash, two green tennis balls —
my neighbor's Sunday porch

because you shelled the peas
the salad 
was so much sweeter

and daisies in the field —
finding good omens everywhere

how loud 
the phone 
not ringing

3 red flowers
in a teapot vase
my company while you're away

sister spider
where have you gone?
you and your web were good company

passing a stranger on the street
he smells so good
dare I tell him so?

in full bloom
my neighbor's garden —
plastic flowers

the moon turns its face away 
there are no answers

the way a pale green morning
creeps in through
my bedroom window —
and now
here comes the grapevine
as well

bee box 
empty now 
the old woman shuts her windows

from this spot
on Geneva Street
we began our journey together

my breaths
dusk becomes night

not breathing —
night falls