Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wintery Haiku for the Solstice

midwinter —
wrapped in snow 
December  morning
wearing eight shades
of black

yew tree
holds its breath —
first snow
the ocean
waking from a deep sleep
nothing is the same —
winter solstice

halfway across 
the frozen river —
coming or going?

after the snow
100 paper cranes
cling to the evergreen

up to our knees in snow
taking the long way 

snowflake —
do you wish you were 
in Paris this morning?

patiently waiting
tea cools
snow falls

climbing this mountain 
counting footsteps
counting snowflakes

around a chatty neighbor —
snow piles up

spinning, spinning 
disguised as a crow 
swallowing snow

far from the storm —
watching the weather channel —
my father shivers

young mother
carefully supervises
child’s first snowball fight

lazy afternoon —
the slow drip
of icicles

in the meantime
a year passes
her blue shawl unravels

old year
new year
the cat sleeps

New Year’s day
waking the frozen
wind chimes